Many systems of  self-discovery and change are a hefty and serious endeavor. In contrast, the WisePlay system is a playful transformative tool for empowerment, discovery, and forming new positive perspectives. The 45 card deck incorporates fun imagery of animals as a symbolic metaphor to the challenges and joys we face everyday. The companion book engages you in exciting personal discoveries and delivers the “Aha” moments that will bring about your desired changes. You will expand your self-love and awareness with humor, while embracing what is in the here and now, and redirect your focus to experience the joy and magic of your life. 

The WisePlay book is an easy to use daily assistant that will help you to more deeply connect to yourself in a fully accepting and loving way. We have included valuable insights to help you shift your perspective and gain a new outlook. This approach aids in aligning the internal and the external aspects of your focus and provides a means to feeling your absolute best, allowing you to be the Director of your own exciting play: Your Life!

“Any journey of self-discovery and transformation is not complete without a sense of joy, excitement and humor. The authors have hit all the right notes with the delightful WisePlay. I’m excited for you to begin working with the skillfully-written and engaging tools that Michele and Mimi have so lovingly created. You’re in for quite the show. Curtain up!”

—James Van Praagh, Spiritual Teacher, Medium, and Author 

“I am so impressed with this deck of transformation cards. It’s fresh, smart and goes deep into the heart of the matter, giving accurate guidance. I highly recommend this – especially to collectors!”

—Colette Baron-Reid, Author, Psychic Medium and Teacher

“Michele and Mimi have created a playful sense of wonder into one’s potentials with their fresh and original WisePlay transformation deck. Chock-full of engaging quality aha moments. WisePlay is a wonderful Wild Kingdom oracle that shows how to transform everyday experience into something magical.”

—Dennis Fairchild, author of The Kitchen Tarot

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