Arms Wide Open or Constricted… You Choose!

You know that feeling you get when something fearful is niggling in your ear?  Something that you are worried about “could” happen, such as: not enough money, foreign invaders, people getting an unfair advantage over you, feeling a loss of control in your life to the “other”? The world is not at all limited in the things that we can worry about or fear, that’s for sure! It’s that “batten down that hatches and fight”, or “run for your life and hide” feeling. Although that feeling is likely caused by misunderstandings and abstract conceptual thoughts that have nothing to do with your present moment, it feels very, very real. In fact, because your body constricts and a cocktail of chemicals is surging thru you, it becomes very real to you.  

Many people actually get used to this cocktail in their day to day lives.  They stop hearing the body tell them they are in fear, drama, and worry.  It becomes the norm; that constricted not fun at all feeling.

Not only is this a happiness crusher it is also a health destroyer.

So before I go further, take a moment. Go inside yourself. Is there something that you are constricted about?  It can appear as subtle tension, or feel like a big kick in the gut–regardless let that stuff go!  In this present moment right now, none of the imagined fearful possibilities have happened. Stay right now, reading this. Let what future fears you have imagined go. Breathe them away in deep relaxing breaths.

Choosing action born of the constriction of fear is never the clear, realistic and positive choice.  It generates dis-ease and un-health whether you are focused on your own fears, or the greater collective fears that are always plentiful. Watching your news channel or even social media these days, can pop you right back into that “oh my are we ever screwed, run for your lives” feeling pretty darn quick!

Constriction/fear creates separation. Separation is you versus me, us versus them; the enemy. This is driven by the idea that if another flourishes you have taken something from me, and it forms a marriage with the idea that if you are different from me you are dangerous to me, my ideals and my identity. This is a cultural myth born out of fear, and we have plenty of evidence to support that many believe this myth.  In reality we are all interconnected. There is no separation between “us and them”, they slough off their atoms as we do and we breath them in, as there is no separation between you and the earth you live on and all of its creatures, dust and water. When the earth flourishes, we are rich; when you flourish, I can flourish too.

Acceptance is key. Diversity of thought, environment and personality is a strength. Besides what feels better to you? Standing with your arms wide open in acceptance, or constricting and disliking out of difference? And no, I am not suggesting that you spend time with others that do not reflect your values, but isn’t it a relief that not everyone is exactly like you?  What would be the point of that boring existence?

Definitely stand up for what you feel is right, but in an integrated arms open wide sort of way. There is a difference between standing for something and being against something. Stand for yourself… soften to yourself…  It starts with you. What you deny within yourself might be your greatest strength when allowed to express itself positively. Doesn’t that just feel better?

Focus on what you are FOR. Focus on what you love. Nothing is worth that constricted feeling. You become what you focus on, it creates your reality.

Inclusion and integration feels good because it is healthy. Our body always tells us which way we are swinging in this scale of black and white. It tells us all the time what is healthy and what is not. Separation, fear and drama feel horrible. Start to notice what your body is doing when you are chewing on something that has not yet occurred, and refocus towards whst could go right. Be good to yourself and turn off the news, take a break from the internet for a bit, and relax.

hummer-wings-open-1What will you choose? This is your FREE WILL! Choose Love and Compassion. Choose Peace over Drama. Choose your unique and beautiful self, while allowing others their own uniqueness; for all of our sakes. You can and do make a difference.

Create your reality. Not the one that scares the life out of you–the one you want; the one filled with joy that makes you smile.  From this place of smiling arms wide joy, if a challenge comes your way, you will be much more able to deal with whatever it is, rather than if you are a ball of constricted fear. I promise.

Arms open wide and with a goofy grin,


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