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Take your time in answering the questions. There are no wrong answers, so do not worry! Just try and avoid your inner BS (That voice that tells you you aren't good enough) and answer whatever answer you feel describes you the best.  When you are finished you will be taken to your result.  We will also send you your result in an email with some things you can do to become more and more aligned.

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Does your repetitive self-talk voice sound more like a bully on a bad hair day or like a cheerleader who just drank a double latte and can’t stop spewing good stuff to you? Maybe it is somewhere in the middle?
Today is your birthday. Do you relax and enjoy the celebration of you, or are you running around like a chicken with your head cut off keeping relatives happy?
How do you react to someone else’s differing point of view?
You’re invited to a dinner party where you are meeting new people. Are you more apt to trust these new people at face value or are you leary?
Do you believe there are rules that everyone should live by? (Such as specific religious dogma, dietary choices, appearance, and sexuality)
Do you like to learn or experience new things?
Do you take the time to celebrate your talents and triumphs, big or small?
Do you adapt quickly to a change of plans?
Are you addicted to having drama in your life? Even if it is not your own personal drama? (Such as loads of tragic news stories, talking to friends about their troubles and rehashing woes etc.)
Do you exaggerate sometimes?
Are you comfortable being your whacky self in front of others?
Do you feel guilty when saying No?

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