The following is a list of photo credits for the site and for the cards.

Picture of Mimi And Michele on both the Home and Meet Us pages: Simona Martin

WisePlay Card Photos:

Much thanks to, and Flickr Creative Commons.  Without you WisePlay would not have been a reality!

Only images requiring photo credit are listed below:

(All listed have been modified or added to in some way to create the collage of images that comprise of each card)

(1) Top Dog/Nitpicker

Red Bandana, by David Shankbone,

Green Bush, by Liz West,

Magnifying Glass, by Images Money,

Nitpicker Bug, by coniferconifer,

Purple Lightning by Gerlos,

(2) Brat/Little Angel

Panda, iStock Photo/flySnow

Large Rock, by Jeanette S.

Skunk/Clovers, by Kevin Vangorden,

Kite, by Elvert Barnes,

Sand landscape, by Nicola Sapiens De Mitri,

Pink Spool, by Meena Kadri,

Bee, by Ruaraidh Gillies

Fly, by John Talbot,

Grass, by Neil Williamson,

(3) True Blue/Bogus

Sitting Poodle, by Perry McKenna,

Standing Poodle, Istock photo/ fotojagodka 

Water Bowls, by Joanne Bourne,

Bird, by Jude,

Tennis Ball, by Alosh Bennett,

Gold Coins, by Maura Teague,

Moon, by Olivier Bacquet,

Disco Ball, by Sarah,

(4) Politician/Good Witch

Bear, by Spencer Wright,

Lettuce, by Dwight Sipler,

Podium, by Mark Street,

Medicine Bottles, by Thirteen Of Clubs,

Top Hat, by Minnesota Historical Society,

Microphone, by AV Hire London,

Weasel’s Bottle, by Amanda Slater,

Gem Stone, by Cliff,

Witch’s Hat, by Randeen Pederson,

Pills, by e-Magine Art,

White Rabbit, by Bosque Village,

Weasel, by USFWS Mountain Prairie,

Vegetable Basket, by Percita,

Men’s tie, Elvert Barnes,

Indoor Palace Background, by Ministerio de Cultera de la Nacion Argentina,

Reiki Choku Rei Symbol, by Nathaniel_U,

(5) Mama/Papa

Red House, by Dennis Jarvis,

Large Baby Elephant, by David Rosen,

Mama Elephant/Small Baby Elephant, by Benh Lieu Song,

Baby Penguin, by Christopher Michel,

Spear, by Giridhar Appaji Nag Y,

Baby Bottle, by Brokinhrt2,

Papa Penguin, by Christopher Michel,

(6) Elbow Room/Monkey on My Back

Tiger, by Markles55,

Monkey, by Rushen,

Raft/Water/Boulder, by David Berkowitz,

Tropical Drink, by Randy Robertson,

Waterfall, by pbkwee,

(7) Dude/Diva

Flower Crown, by Faylyne,

Lightning Bolt, by Kristen Becker,

Lions and Ground, by Rohit Ravindran,

Gold Crown, by Dennis Jarvis,

(8) Sitting Duck/Regal Eagle

Flying Eagle, by USFWS Mountain-Prairie,

Sitting Eagle and branches, by USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Baby Duck, photo by Cassidy Crawford

Stump and Logs,

(9) Luminary/Leech

Firefly, by terry priest,

Background, by Moyan Brenn,

Leech, by Thejaswi l,

Water Splash, by Enid Martindale,

(10) Social Butterfly/Lone Wolf

Wolf, by Tom Bech,

Blue/Purple/Black Butterfly, by Steven & Courtney Johnson & Horwitz,

Monarch Butterfly, by Rodney Campbell,

Toadstool, by Ian Burt,

Teapot, by DLG Images,

Gray Butterfly, by Heidi,

Swallowtail Butterfly Wings folded, by Chris Patako,

Café Lattes, by christopher cornelius,

Cave, by Daniel Farrell,

Bright Purple/Blue Butterfly, by Rebecca Jayne Bennett,

Open-Winged Swallowtail Butterfly, by Devra,

(11) Apple of My Eye/Party Pooper

Leopard Lying Down, by Nick Jewell,

Leopard Standing, by Greg Willis,

Apple, by Joe King,

Party Favors, by Fernando Coello Vicento,

Ice Cream cone, by William Murphy,

Gray Box/Red Bow Gift, by FutUndBeidl,

Silver/Gold/Red Gift Boxes, by Makia Minich,

Pillow, by Miguelpdl,

(12) Knower/Doubting Thomas

Porcupine Cliff, by dusi_bbg,

Sky Background, by Sean MacEntee,

Porcupine Wings, by jinterwas,

Owl, by Olivier Bacquet,

Porcupine, by Denali National Park & Preserve,

Owl’s Rock Ledge, by Angus Chan,

(13) Miracle Worker/Pent up Picasso

Chameleon, by Frank Vassen,

Black Tourmaline, by Mauro Cateb,

Dragon fly, by Luis Javier Gala Orgaz,

Lynx, by Denali National Park & Preserve,

Toad, by David Huth,

Rabbit, by Don DeBold,

Fire, by Annie Roi,

Spiderweb, by Joanne,

(14) Schemer/Fixer

Mouse, by Giang Ho Thi Hoang,

Bulldozer, by Les Chatfield,

Olive Branch, by Stew Dean,

Ant, by Sancho McCann,

Dove, by Robert Nunnally,

Fox, by Peter Trimming,

Background Landscape, by Erich Ferdinand,

Peace Sign, by McKay Savage,

Hammer, by Deux-chi,

(15) Head Honcho/Beast of Burden

Silverback Gorilla, by Matthew Hoelscher,

Stacked Suitcases, by Thor,

Globe, by David Goehring,

Burlap Donkey Sack, by Davidd,

Donkey’s Hard Hat, by USACE Carole E. Davis,

Background, by voyage sur mesure en direct,

Red Boat, by Debarshi Ray,

Gorilla’s Crown, by Quinn Dombrowski,

Thermometer, by Johann Brook,

Gemstones on Crown, by Mauro Cateb,

(16) Copycat/Sparkplug

Waves, by Graham Cook,

Red Sunglasses, by DLG Images,

Fireworks, by DVIDSHUB,

Sparkler, by Adam,

Cardboard Box, by Guy Kilroy,

Dog, by Gloria,

Cat, by Central Nagual Madrid,

Red Surfboard, by Richard Masoner,

(17) Limelight/In the Closet

Ostrich Lying Down, by Greg Goebel,

Ostrich Standing, by Martin Pettitt,

(18) Pathfinder/Know-it-all

Miner’s light on Meerkat, by Richard Masoner,

Brick Wall, by Karl Baron,

Sand/Desert Background, by marinaekabubi,

Red Door and Brown Door, by Paul Flint & Company,

Blue Door, by Paul Flint & Company,

Green Door, by deeuutee,

Wooden Door, by Jon Gilbert Leavitt,

Yellow Door, by Thomas Quine,

GPS, by YanGaar,

Third Eye Gem, by MAUROCATEB,

(19) Packrat/Horn of Plenty

Mouse and Feed, by Thomas Bresson,

Cow’s Head, by Chris Marchant,

Cornucopia, by Luke Jones,

Starry sky background, by Mike Lewinksi,

Cheese Cubes, by Guillaume Paumier,

Piggy Bank/Money, by Ken Teegardin,

Cave, by Elentir,

Green Grass, by Maik,

Hay Bales, by jareed,

Cheese Wedges, by Jules Morgan,

Cow Body, by larsjuh,

Suitcases, Ben Hussman,

(20) Even Steven/Out of Whack

Green Background, by Jim Larrison,

Out of Whack Swan, by Tim Simpson,

Even Steven Swan, by Nottsexminer,

Feather #1, by Michael Bailey,

Feather #2, by featherlite,

Feather #3, by Janet Ramsden,

Feather #4, by featherlite,

Feather #5, by featherlite,

(21) Slow Poke/Velocity

Snail, by Eirien,

Turtle, by Sergei Scurfield,

Rocket, by Steve Jurvetson,

Hare, by Airwolfhound,

(22) Catch 22/Sure Thing

Goose, by Fred,

Quartz Crystals, by Brenda Clarke,

Black Tourmaline, by Mauro Cateb,


Golden and Pink eggs, by Martin Brigden,

(23) Love

Love Doves, by Patty Myrick,

Purple Heliotrope, by The Green Nursery and Garden Shop,

Open Red Rose, by photogramma1,

Purple Rose, by Tracie Hall,

Double Delight Rose, by Yoko Nekonomania,

Purple Tulip, by Geoffrey Fairchild,

Pink Tulip, by Susanne Nilsson,

Fireworks, by Scott Cresswell,

(24) Play

Orange Daisy, by Alan L,

Lighter Orange Daisy, by Christine Majul,

Yellow and White Daisy, by Sean McMenemy,

Red Daisy, by Rebecca Siegel,

Beach Ball, by Gareth Williams,

Pink and Yellow Daisy, by Alex Critch,

Seal, by Shanthanu Bhardwaj,

(25) Allow

Carnation, by Sharon Mollerus,

Sunbow, by Ruth Hartnup,

Koala and Tree, by Tanner Ford,

White Violet #1, by Bob Peterson, 

White Violet #2, by Bob Peterson,

 (26) Focus

Hawk, by Tony Hisgett,

Ranunculus, by Liz West,

Rosemary, by tdlucas5000,

Rue Anemone, by Ted,

Sky, by Luis Hernandez,

(27) Freedom

White Horse, Istock Photo/vikarus

White Amaryllis, by VangieAdH,

Red Amaryllis, by A Yee,

Striped Amaryllis, by Kitty Terwolbeck,

Pink and White Amarayllis, by Maja Dumat,

(28) Integrity

Crow, by Jans Canon,

Edelweiss white flower, by Bjorn S…,

Purple Violets, by slgckgc,

Branch, by kuhnmi,

Corn Field/Sky, by Davis Staedtler,

Chrysanthemum, by Ramesh NG,

Purple and White Violets, by John Lodder,

(29) Beauty

Peacock, by David McDermott,

Pink Orchids, by Randy,

Purple Orchids, by Swallowtail Garden Seeds,

(30) Appreciation

Rhinoceros, by Gerry Zambonini,

Pink Hydragnea, by Amanda B,

Blue Hydragnea, by Liz West,

Blue/Purple Hyrdragnea, by Lee Ruk,

Pink Rose, by Yoko Nekonomania,

Water/Tree Background, by Alosh Bennett,

Pink Sweetpeas, by Tejvan Pettinger,

(31) Joy

Lilacs, by RachelC Photography,

Hummingbird, by Gail Hampshire,

(32) Compassion

Pink Peony, by Kevin Poh,

Deer, by USFWS Mountain-Prairie/Rich Keen,

White Peony, by Jim the Photographer,

Light Pink Peony, by InAweofGod’sCreation,

(33) Forgiveness

Frog/Stone, by Chris Baird,

Hyacinth, by Anne-Lise Heinrichs,

Yellow Daffodil, by Rodney Campbell,

Yellow/White Daffodils, by Tejvan Pettinger,

(34) Control

Leash, by Don Debold,

Timepiece, by Theresa Thompson,

Grass, by Sherrie Thai,

Lemming #1, by Leo-seta,

Lemming #2, by Karin Johnson,

Lemming #3, by Karin Johnson,

Fence, by Donald Lee Pardue,

Collar, by LaVladina,


Badger, by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife,

(35) Responsibility

Llama driving, by Sr. Maria Louise Edwards,

Llama Laying down, by Vlad Busuioc,

Two Duffle Bags, by M.Prinke,

Canvas Satchel, by Brian Renken,

Backpack, by Matthew Olivolo,

Motorbike, by Elvert Barnes,

Background/Dirt Road, by Barry Walker,

Tire Track, by Doug Waldron,

(36) Boundaries

Bamboo leaves, by pfly,

Bamboo trunk, by Henry Burrows,

Bubble, by Chris Yarzab,

Armadillo, by Cumberland Island National Seashore,

(37) Attachment

Hearts, by Robbie Sproule,

Light Bulb, by Faith Goble,

Cupcake, by Eva Blue,

Octopus, Brian Gratwicke,

Book, DonkeyHotey,

Money, by,

(38) Mirror

Owl, by Joe Garbutt,

Owl Butterfly, by Les Williams,

Tree, by Mad Hippies Life,

Background/Window, by Katya,

(39) Staying Present

Thompson’s Gazelle Head, by jean,

Thompson’s Gazelle Full Body, by Abir anwar,

Sundial, by Liz West,

Solar Eclipse, by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/ESA/Proba-2,

Shooting Star, by Ed Sweeney,

Milky Way, by David Russo,

(40) Stillness

Lemur, by Susanne Nilsson,

Rolling Green Hills, by lovinkat,

Sky, by Sunny,

Tiger, by Markles55,

Rhinoceros, by Gerry Zambonini,

Crow, by Jans Canon,

Panda, iStock Photo/flySnow

Dog, by Gloria,

Wolf, by Tom Bech,

Black and White Bunny by Michele Domingo

Monkey, by Rushen,

Bear, by Spencer Wright,

Silverback Gorilla, by Matthew Hoelscher,

Skunk/Clovers, by Kevin Vangorden,

Frog/Stone, by Chris Baird,

Llama Lying Down, by Vlad Busuioc,

Cow’s Head, by Chris Marchant,

Weasel, by USFWS Mountain Prairie,

Bright Purple/Blue Butterfly, by Rebecca Jayne Bennett,

Swallowtail Butterfly Wings folded, by Chris Patako,

Owl Butterfly, by Les Williams,

Hummingbird, by Gail Hampshire,

Lynx, by Denali National Park & Preserve,

Horse, Istock Photo/vikarus

Leopard standing, by Greg Willis,

Large Baby Elephant, by David Rosen,

Card Back

Owl, by Kameron Perensovich,

Theater Curtain, by Rosemarie Voegtli,


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